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WAVE: Haredim and the IDF


High Court strikes down law that postponed ultra-Orthodox draft

In an eight-to-one decision, the High Court of Justice on Tuesday struck down Knesset legislation from 2015 that was meant to delay efforts to increase the rate at which ultra-Orthodox youth are drafted into the military. The 2015 amendment to the Equal Service Law cancels a more aggressive 2014 law pushed by the centrist Yesh…
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Government Proposes Housing as Incentive for ultra-Orthodox Army Draft

The government Sunday unveiled proposed incentives to encourage ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students to join the army, but the High Court of Justice judges hearing the proposals criticized the new law for having all carrots and no sticks: It includes no sanctions for yeshivas whose students don’t enlist. Commenting that the law essentially makes the draft “voluntary,”…
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High Court to State on Haredi army service: You’ve created a monster

Even as there was no decision, there was no ambiguity on Sunday about the High Court of Justice’s view of the radical change in November to the law about haredim serving in the IDF, with Justice Uzi Vogelman telling the state that “you’ve created a monster.” The law passed in November pushed back targets for…
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Ultra-Orthodox Enlistment in Israeli Military Meets Target, Falls Short of National Service Quota

While the ultra-Orthodox community is fulfilling its government-mandated enlistment objectives for the Israel Defense Forces, it is falling far short in supplying volunteers for civilian service, so that overall the community is not meeting its quotas for national service. Although the two types of service are measured separately, they are considered together when calculating the…
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