For almost six months, Yehuda Glick, a person associated with organizations devoted to reviving the  Jewish Temple, has been waiting on the brink of entering the Knesset. In the next few days, with the departure of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, he will be sworn in. […]

He returned to visiting the compound, but as a Knesset member he will no longer be able to do so, due to an order by the prime minister prohibiting such visits. This order was given as part of agreements reached with Jordan’s King Abdullah in an attempt to reduce tension on the Mount.

“I have no intention of violating this order,” said Glick, noting his understanding of this decision. “The prime minister made it out of necessity after the place became a center of incitement by MKs from the United Arab List. MKs must convince people that they act responsibly. I won’t violate the order but I’ll try and see how it can be changed. I’m not euphoric about my new position, I only hope to be a loyal representative, working for the benefit of the people of Israel.