Last week by Rabbi Zvi Tau added his signature to a yellowing letter, originally published in the 1980s, opposing the use of pre-nuptial agreements. In doing so Rabbi Tau, a leader of the ultra-conservation faction within Zionist Orthodoxy, added his name to a list of 44 rabbis similarly opposed. …

Rabbi Tau’s signature is a dog-whistle to the Zionist Orthodox public. By rejecting the growing consensus within Zionist Orthodoxy toward pre-nuptial agreements, Tau is trying to draw his public further toward the uncompromising, rejectionist stance of the Ultra Orthodox in Israel.

By delegitimizing the more liberal leaning voices in the Zionist Orthodox world, represented by brave leaders like Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi David Stav, Tau is by extension rejecting all compromise whatsoever on religious social issues in Israel.

No pre-nups, no space at the Kotel for non-Orthodox denominations and no flexibility on conversion.