The Chief Rabbinate is considering measures to significantly reform the provision of kashrut, against a background of numerous scandals and allegations of corruption in the sector. In March, Chief Rabbi David Lau established a committee – which he chairs – to evaluate the kashrut supervision system and investigate options to improve it. …

It now appears that the committee has whittled options down to two possible models, Ynet reported on Sunday.The first would create a body under auspices of the Chief Rabbinate with almost all the responsibilities for kashrut supervision currently held by local rabbinates. […]

The second – and more revolutionary – possibility being considered, would do away with kashrut supervisors in favor of what have been called “ne’emanei kashrut” or kashrut trustees. Kashrut trustees would be full-time employees of individual businesses, performing in the same capacity as any other employee. […]

The trustee system would threaten that patronage and could draw opposition from Shas and its chairman, Interior Minister Arye Deri. “We might have to enter into a fight with Shas if this is the option that is selected by the Council of the Chief Rabbinate,” said a source in the Chief Rabbinate.

A decision by the council could be made in a matter of weeks, which would then go to a vote in the Council of the Chief Rabbinate.