A petition filed with the Supreme Court to allow public transportation on Saturdays was retracted today by the petitioners, following what seemed like a suggestion by the justices.

The petition, submitted by NGOs such as the Reform Center for Religion and State, Israel Be Free (Israel Hofsheet), Hiddush – for Religious Freedom and Equality and other private citizens, was intended to obligate the Transportation Ministry to run public transportation on Saturdays.

The justices stressed during the court discussion on Monday that while there is a basis in rights for the petitioners’ claims, there is no public transportation operator or bus line being represented in the discussion that is being harmed by the law.

”The point is this – with all due respect, we see here a gap in your arguments, which are rights-oriented argument, between the actual matter. We are missing an agent here which is the [public transportation] operator,” said Justice Hanan Melcer to the petitioners.

You might have good argument, if you will have an operator. There is a missing link here,” he added.