The Education Ministry is refusing to release a report on claims that books used in state nonreligious schools have taken on a more religious tone.

Experts appointed by Education Minister Naftali Bennett recommended that changes be made in only six of the 57 textbooks they examined, the daily Israel Hayom reported Tuesday. The ministry will make changes in the online editions of the six books, while new printed editions will include the changes, the paper said. […]

The Education Ministry declined to provide a copy of the report or answer Haaretz’s questions on who the members of the team were and the number of times they met. The ministry referred Haaretz to Bennett’s office, which has yet to respond.

The group the Secular Forum said that the Education Ministry had not addressed the claims it had raised, and that the changes to the textbooks were only cosmetic. […]

Later it was reported that the Education Ministry requires writers of textbooks to use texts from Jewish sources, saying they must cater to a “search for broader meaning related to the life of the individual and society from a Jewish perspective.” In addition, because most of the books are used by both religious and nonreligious state schools, the religious-school administration approves the books for nonreligious schools, too.