How is it that the left-wing and center opposition factions hardly deal with issues of state and religion? Is the opposition again deluding itself that the ultra-Orthodox parties will reward it by forming a government with it? […]

The policy of disengagement from issues of state and religion, espoused by Labor, Meretz and Yesh Atid, is totally opposed to the position of their voters.

The non-profit group Hiddush-For Religious Freedom and Equality, of which I am the deputy director, always reports the annual opinion poll conducted by the Smith Institute, which includes a “state and religion” index.

In 2015, 100 percent of Meretz voters, 87 percent of Zionist Union voters and 85 percent of Yesh Atid voters said that all types of marriage should be recognized, including civil, Reform and Conservative. In addition, 86 percent of Zionist Union voters, 83 percent of Yesh Atid voters and 95 percent of Meretz voters said that they prefer a government without the ultra-Orthodox.