Despite major setbacks, the Jewish American establishment is not giving up its fight for an egalitarian space at Western Wall where men and women can pray together.

Convening at their big event of the year, the board of trustees of the Jewish Federations of North America voted Monday – the second day of their 2016 General Assembly – to send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underscoring the “urgency” of implementing the decision passed in his cabinet in January to create such an area at the southern expanse of the Western Wall.

“We know you recognize the growing sense of urgency to fully implement the Government Resolution, which resulted from the work of your office together with [Jewish Agency Chairman] Natan Sharansky’s leading of the parties to a compromise,” the letter says. “Your declaration at last year’s General Assembly that there is ‘one Wall for one People’ has become a statement that our communities truly believe and expect to see come true.”

Full of praise for Netanyahu, the letter notes that “no Israeli leader understands the importance of religious pluralism or has done more in this area than you have.”