Law students at the Hebrew University are voting Monday on whether to create a separate space for religious women at the faculty’s annual dance.

Last year, religious students asked for part of the dance floor to be allocated to women only, and the student union agreed without taking a vote. The matter elicited broad protests and the decision was later rescinded. This year, the union decided it would take a vote among dues-paying members on the issue. […]

Gilad Katzir, chairman of the law school’s student union:

“We aren’t talking about a 4-meter high partition in the middle of the dance floor, but a small partition on the side for the five girls who asked for it and other [females] who might want to dance behind it,” he said. “I don’t see this as giving the faculty a religious orientation. The job of the association is to provide for all the students in the faculty and, as long as it’s an ethical decision, it’s not my place to judge who’s right.”