Meretz Knesset members Michal Rozin, Zehava Galon and Tamar Zandberg informed the High Court of Justice on Sunday that they were withdrawing their petition against the appointment of the new Israel Defense Forces chief rabbi Col. Eyal Krim.  Last week Krim provided written clarifications to the High Court in response to a number of controversial statements he made in the past, and the High Court ordered his appointment delayed last week.

The Meretz MKs said they were grateful for the clear statements Krim wrote “and the important moral message for all IDF soldiers, men and women.” […]

Lawyers representing the MKs said the petitioners “hoped the clear moral statements of the court will continue to echo in the IDF and in the IDF rabbinate in particular … The petition met its goals.  In these circumstances, the petitioners will not insist on the continuation of the [legal] process.”