Q: Is the Wall important to you?

MK Yehuda Glick: “The Wall is important to me just as the entire Old City is important to me. There’s no difference between the Western Wall and the eastern Wall or the southern or northern wall. The Wall is important because millions of Jews look up to it, but the Temple Mount is the only holy place.

“The Wall doesn’t have anything like that. It’s the difference between heaven and earth. It’s like your parking lot is important, but you don’t compare a parking lot to a bedroom. I’m not comparing the Wall to a parking lot, but it doesn’t have the holiness that the Temple Mount has.

“[The Wall] is a place that causes damage because people think it’s a holy place and think it’s a substitute for the Temple Mount. People come to the Wall and feel like they’ve reached the summit. It’s not the summit and not anything. People enjoy the substitute, and that in my view is profaning God’s name.”