[T]his bring me to the Muezzin law, which is scheduled to be voted on by the Knesset this coming Monday.

A Jewish state which is truly sensitive to the challenges and possible discomfort of 20% of its citizens does not pass a law outlawing part of that minority’s religious practice at certain hours. The noise is disturbing the peace? Then let’s enforce the existing noise laws which already outlaw excessive noise at certain times. But the Muezzin law only serves to strengthen the extremist elements in the Israeli Arab population, silences the moderate voices in the community, and drives those moderates who fully accept living as Muslim citizens in a Jewish state into further discomfort.

I hope the Knesset will reject the legislation on Monday, or better yet – choose not to even bring the law to the Knesset floor. I believe that doing so will reflect the spirit and values that the Jewish state’s founding fathers envisioned.