As reported, the president of the High Rabbinical Court will convene the court to rule on a two-and-a-half-year-old appeal. This is no ordinary appeal or ordinary convening of the court. […]

Can legally divorced people ever feel and act in accordance with their new personal status, or are they wedded to the rabbinical courts forever, in unending anticipation of its reversal of their status? According to these actions, the authorities entrusted with registering marriages and keeping order are becoming the cause of disarray and insecurity among divorced individuals.

In this development of questioning the validity of the Safed court’s “get zikkui,” once again the downtrodden agunah must turn to the civil authorities of the state to prevent the High Rabbinical Court from reopening the decision that saved her life. How ironic that in this case the civil courts can provide for her rescue through opposing the actions of the High Rabbinical Court.