The whole thing is a small story about an appointment that is not hugely significant. But it is also a big story that encapsulates some of the most burning debates within Israeli society. Whether or not Karim is the next IDF rabbi is not that important. But the debate about his appointment being canceled by the court because of his views is of great importance.

In the coming paragraphs, I will dissect the debate over Karim and demonstrate how this debate is really four debates about four different things – each of which has many implications. There is the debate about court authority; there is the one about the political dominance of the religious right; there is the one about the character of the IDF; and there is the one about the role of the IDF chief rabbi.

… The bottom line

The IDF chief, facing this dilemma, has made his decision. I have no doubt that the chief of staff does not agree with Rabbi Karim’s views on every issue, but he was wise enough to see that having a rabbi with whose views he can totally agree would be a mission both impossible and undesirable.

It is now the time for the court to make its decision. I think it is a simple one to make – but the justices still asked for more information