I have been called many things in my long career as a rabbi and teacher, but never had anyone called me “evil.” Until recently, and by the chief rabbi of my home city of Jerusalem, no less, Rabbi Shlomo Amar. […]

The silence has been deafening. I am still waiting for the rest of the cabinet and the political leadership of the Jewish State to say something when millions of Jews have been maligned. […]

When will we attain the freedom we have been promised and that we deserve? It is time for the chief rabbinate to cease to exist as an arm of the Israeli government with power over the lives of all Jewish citizens. It is time for it to become a private organization, competing with other organizations and adhered to by those who wish to be governed by it and not by those who see it as an anachronism and an impediment to true religious belief and practice. Are we truly “evil people” because this is our belief?