Ever since I began researching women’s mikveh experiences, some twenty years ago, I have had a dream. A dream of an ideal mikveh. […]

For the past six years I have actively been working with many wonderful people and organizations to bring my dream to reality. The Eden Center, which I founded in 2010, serves as an educational and advocacy center with the goal of enhancing and enriching the mikveh experience. […]

MK Moshe Gafni of the United Torah Judaism party (Haredi), has proposed new legislation to transfer mikvaot from the authority of the local religious councils to the jurisdiction of the Chief Rabbinate, legislation which yesterday successfully passed its first reading in the Knesset. […]

MK Gafni’s bill is a bad move for Jewish women. And yet, despite my concerns regarding the political machinations over who ultimately “owns” the mikveh, I retain hope that our grassroots efforts will continue to ensure that the mikveh remains a female sanctuary – not just in the meaning of a safe haven but as a sacred space. Our efforts to educate women about what mikveh can be and the mikveh attendants about how they can help to facilitate that will continue unabated. I believe that my dream about the mikveh is attainable, and no legislative tricks or political games will be able to suppress the wellspring of support and positivity that the Eden Center and its many partners enjoy.