A group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis is calling for the summary dismissal of a Haredi lawmaker who boasted he had attended his nephew’s gay wedding.

Railing against the MK’s “public desecration of Heaven,” the rabbis demanded that the leaders of the Shas party “remove and fire” MK Yigal Guetta “immediately.”

The letter followed Guetta’s Army Radio interview on Monday in which he took pride in his handling of the delicate question of a family member’s gay marriage. […]

The rabbis who drafted the letter against Guetta — Ben Zion Mutzafi, Moshe Tzedaka, Aharon Yirhi, Moshe Ohanona and Avner Marciano — seemed unimpressed by his warning.

“So-and-so,” they wrote mockingly, “told his entire family that they were required to attend the ‘wedding’ of his nephew, which is a terrible prohibition, among the most severe of the most severe in the Torah.”