A social project hopes to spread the light of understanding, acceptance and tolerance among Israel’s patchwork of communities by bringing together religious and secular Jews over the Hanukka lights. The project – spearheaded by the Hinam Center for Societal Tolerance – involves dozens of families hosting people from around the country in their homes for nightly Hanukka ceremonies and celebrations. …

Hinam’s founder, Yaron Kanner, observed that most people cordon themselves off in their own societal sectors and have little opportunity for contact with different communities.

“Hinam is trying to advance the goal of bringing together people with different identities through a number of different initiatives, including our Hanukka exchange program, in which we want to see people hosting others from outside of their own communities,” he said.

“Warm encounters at home with people from different walks of life, eating and meeting together with each other’s families, can really help promote the value of societal tolerance which we are aiming for.”