Minister for Religious Services David Azoulai (Shas) said, “Whoever does not accept the Torah’s authority and tramples its commands under a heavy foot cannot claim that he represents religion in Israel. These movements are retreating and offer inflated numbers. They can have ceremonies and any folklore they wish but Judaism is not a theater where everyone comes in a car in order to enjoy themselves.

“These group that ask to change the Torah and halacha are not Israeli religious movements. Just as we don’t let a doctor use magic in a hospital and and call himself a doctor, we don’t let these groups approach the Torah of Israel. Since the establishment of the State, everyone has ensured the maintenance of the status quo on religion and State. With all due respect to their Zionism and their support for the State of Israel, we won’t let them run us by remote control and hurt the country’s Jewish character.”

Azoulai clarified, “There won’t be any attempt to interfere and change the halachic rules.”