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WAVE: Gender-segregation


Women’s Rights Become Battleground for Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox

Listen HERE. Four years ago, a lawsuit was filed by an Orthodox feminist group called Kolech, which means “Your Voice” in the Hebrew feminine. It was one of the biggest class-action lawsuits in Israeli history, and it targeted what was then an all-male, ultra-Orthodox radio station called Kol Barama, founded in 2009. “There were no…
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The Losing Battle Against Religious Extremism in Beit Shemesh

Forcing men and women to sit separately at a city-sponsored meeting for parents in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh might have sparked angry protests just a few years ago. But the ongoing protest by activists committed to religious pluralism against Beit Shemesh’s ultra-Orthodox mayor Moshe Abutbul increasingly appears to be a losing battle. The…
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Controversy rages over religious, gender-separate Student Day event

A planned, gender-separate Student Day event in Jerusalem for religious and ultra-Orthodox students has generated a fierce controversy in the capital, with secular campaigners denouncing the Jerusalem Municipality for funding gender segregation. Student associations around the country hold major celebrations on Student Day, which is held every year on Jerusalem Day, which falls this year…
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Israel’s Religious Gender Segregation Wars Find New Battleground

Move over, Western Wall. The primary battleground in Israel’s religious gender segregation wars is a bridge to the popular pilgrimage site during this week’s Lag Ba’omer holiday. Following pressure from a women’s advocacy group, the Religious Services Ministry has declared that a publicly funded bridge to the site of a rabbi’s tomb, near the town…
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Hebrew University Students Vote Down Male-female Partition

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s law faculty students’ union voted Tuesday that there would be no partition for religious women students to dance behind at the annual faculty gala. The vote was 176 for and 211 against. […] The decision to bring the matter to a vote was made after last year it was decided…
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Law Students To Vote on Whether to Partition Dance Floor for Religious Women

Law students at the Hebrew University are voting Monday on whether to create a separate space for religious women at the faculty’s annual dance. Last year, religious students asked for part of the dance floor to be allocated to women only, and the student union agreed without taking a vote. The matter elicited broad protests…
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Bar-Ilan Univ. bans women singing in memorial ceremony

A row has broken out after Bar-Ilan University earlier this week banned women from singing during its Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony on Wednesday night. Female students were told they would be allowed to read passages of text for the ceremony and play musical instruments. Rabbi Shlomo Shefer, Bar- Ilan’s campus rabbi who is responsible for…
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Controversy Rages Over Female Singers at Israeli Memorial Ceremonies

[I]n recent years a new ritual that divides rather than unites has become a part of this season of ceremony – angry public confrontations over women singing in these public events. The debate centers on whether forbidding women to sing is an insulting act of unacceptable discrimination, or a gesture of sensitivity and consideration to…
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