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WAVE: Haredim and Education


This Hasidic Educator Teaches Secular Subjects To Boys — Despite Violent Opposition

Menachem Bombach is waiting behind the gate outside his school building on a dusty hilltop: long black coat, short beard, thin-rimmed glasses, the look of a refined yeshiva student, hands folded in front of him. He smiles and says, “Welcome, welcome!” It’s hard to believe that this gentleman’s home has become the site of frequent…
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More Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Are Sending Children to Learn Full Core Curriculum

[T]here have been slow but noticeable changes as an increasing number of ultra-Orthodox schools join the state-Haredi system, established a few years ago to accommodate education institutions seeking to teach the full core curriculum under Education Ministry supervision. The ministry’s Haredi sector officials refused to release the latest data on such schools and preschools. They…
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The Coup to Get More ultra-Orthodox Israeli Boys Studying Core Subjects

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen is one of a number of rabbis advocating a new solution for youths dropping out of the regular Haredi system. Instead of vocational schools, they hope to create a new category of yeshivot ktanot that combine religious studies with general education. Graduates would have a chance to earn a bagrut certificate that would…
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Failing Program to Send More ultra-Orthodox Israelis to College to Get Extra Funding

An expensive Council for Higher Education program to increase the number of ultra-Orthodox Jews attending college in Israel is failing to boost student numbers, a new study shows. The CHE invested a lot of money and effort trying to get the ultra-Orthodox into higher education, including by creating special programs for them. However, fewer people…
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Bennett Announces Era of Good Feelings With ultra-Orthodox

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish press signaled an unexpected alliance on Thursday when it announced that Education Minister Naftali Bennett was making an about-face in his ministry’s relations with the ultra-Orthodox community. Bennett was quoted on the front page of the Degel Hatorah newspaper Yated Ne’eman as saying, “We are opening a new page in our relations…
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