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WAVE: IDF Chief Rabbi


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Left-wing Israeli Party Withdraws High Court Petition Against Controversial New IDF Chief Rabbi

Meretz Knesset members Michal Rozin, Zehava Galon and Tamar Zandberg informed the High Court of Justice on Sunday that they were withdrawing their petition against the appointment of the new Israel Defense Forces chief rabbi Col. Eyal Krim.  Last week Krim provided written clarifications to the High Court in response to a number of controversial…
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Meretz MKs withdraw petition against IDF chief rabbi nominee

Three Meretz MKs have withdrawn their High Court of Justice petition objecting to the appointment of the IDF’s chief chaplain nominee. MKs Zehava Galon, Michal Rozin and Tamar Zandberg announced Sunday they were removing the legal hurdle to the appointment of Col. Eyal Karim after he issued an apology last Wednesday for remarks that were…
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Meretz withdraws objection to IDF chief rabbi appointment

The Meretz MKs who petitioned the High Court of Justice against the appointment of Rabbi Eyal Karim as new IDF chief rabbi, said on Sunday that their goal has been achieved following clarifications Karim made on Wednesday, and that they would not insist on further legal action. Meretz chairwoman and MK Zahava Galon, along with…
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Opinion: The ‘Conspiracy’ Over the Appointment of the IDF’s New Chief Rabbi

An imagined conversation between the IDF chief and the army’s head of personnel. In June the head of the Israel Defense Forces Manpower Directorate, Maj.-Gen. Hagai Topolansky, met with Chief of General Staff Gadi Eisenkot to present him with candidates for the position of chief military rabbi, to replace Rabbi Rafi Peretz, who is retiring.…
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Opinion: The problem isn’t the rabbi, it’s the Rabbinate

Is Rabbi Karim stressing and clarifying his opinions or telling the High Court what the High Court wants to hear? Who knows. The wordings he voiced in the past suggests an ability to be flexible. The Chief Military Rabbinate, after all, is worth a statement or two. Or maybe not. In any event, Karim is…
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Opinion: Religious Firebrand or Torah Literalist? Where Does New IDF Rabbi Really Stand?

The interview that Rabbi Eyal Krim gave Haaretz’s Amos Harel was held in 2000, before the second intifada, before the withdrawal from Lebanon. Krim was a civilian, a reserve commander who taught at the Ateret Jerusalem yeshiva in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. Ateret Jerusalem is connected to the settler organization Ateret Cohanim. The interview…
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Opinion: The next IDF rabbi: A leader or a bigot?

The whole thing is a small story about an appointment that is not hugely significant. But it is also a big story that encapsulates some of the most burning debates within Israeli society. Whether or not Karim is the next IDF rabbi is not that important. But the debate about his appointment being canceled by…
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Editorial: Separating court and IDF

… The IDF chief rabbi does not, and should not, have the power to influence IDF policy in the field of military ethics or military strategy. He does not, and should not, be moral advisers to policymakers. Rather the IDF chief rabbi’s mandate is, and should be, restricted to accommodating the religious needs of soldiers,…
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