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WAVE: Israel-Diaspora Relations


Opinion: Israel-Diaspora ties are in peril

… With each passing day, the Israeli government and the religious authorities continue to drive a wedge between Diaspora Jews and our homeland. The conversions that we officiate, as well as those overseen by thousands of our colleagues, are not deemed legitimate in the eyes of the Israeli government. In July, the Rabbanut released a…
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Opinion: Liberal American Jews’ Feelings Towards Israel Now Include Conspicuous Contempt

… This is a new element in the historic relationship between Israel and the largest Jewish Diaspora: Contempt is now mutual. It flows both ways. […] The most recent catalyzer was undoubtedly Netanyahu’s decision to succumb to the ultra-Orthodox demand to cancel the Kotel deal, which took years to achieve and involved painful compromise on…
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Editorial: Houston and the Kotel

Traditionally, there were clear roles in the give-take relationship between Israel and American Jews. American Jews gave and Israel took. But Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett, who holds the Diaspora Affairs portfolio, is shaking things up. This week he announced that the State of Israel would provide $1 million in aid to Houston’s Jewish community,…
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Editorial: Effecting Change In Israel

… The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey is launching a Fund for Pluralism, urging donors to INvest rather than DIvest. “If you want to make a statement, help us effect change in Israel,” explained CEO Keith Krivitzky. UJA-Federation of New York has an Israeli Judaism committee that works to promote pluralism, and…
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‘Community’ project seeks to open Israeli eyes to Diaspora

A group of Israeli journalists and public opinion makers have had their eyes opened to a part of the Jewish nation they barely considered before by a new project – titled “Community” – that seeks to put the subject of Diaspora Jewry on the Israeli agenda.“Israeli public discourse has virtually no interest in Diaspora Jewry,”…
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First they take San Fran: Revolutionary Jewish teen leadership program sets eyes on Diaspora

Today there are 3,200 Diller Fellows alumni worldwide and this year’s cohort boasts the largest numbers — 640 teens from 32 global communities on six continents. “We’re still working on Antarctica,” joked Cohen-Raviv at the previous night’s banquet. […] Those attending the early November annual conference for professionals and lay leaders are entrusted with molding…
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Can Liberals in Israel and America Overcome Alienation — From Each Other?

Alienated liberal Jews in Israel need to reach out to create bonds with alienated liberal Jews in America, of the sort that currently connect empowered Jewish conservatives in the two countries. That was the basic consensus that emerged from what’s believed to be Israel’s first-ever conference on combating alienation from Israel among American Jewish liberals.…
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Knesset Members Travel to U.S. to Experience the Intricacies of American Jewish Life

A delegation of Israeli Knesset Members has traveled to the United States under the auspices of The Jewish Agency for Israel and The Jewish Federations of North America to familiarize themselves with American Jewry, experience American Jewish life, and further strengthen the connection between Israel and the U.S. Jewish community. The delegation includes government officials from across the political…
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U.S. Reform Jews Give Cold Shoulder to Israeli Minister Over Disparaging Comments

After Tourism Minister Yariv Levin called U.S. Reform Jews a “waning world” that was rife with assimilation, the movement fired back, with a planned meeting between the minister and representatives of the community reportedly being canceled. Head of the Israel’s Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism Rabbi Gilad Kariv called on his fellow Reform Jews not…
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