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WAVE: Mikveh


Opinion: Don’t Blame Mikveh Attendants for a Broken System Created by Men

The problem here is not the attendants but the rather the attendants’ bosses who make the rules that the attendants enforce. Attendants who go rogue and allow immersions that the rabbinate consider wrong – such as single women immersing or non-Orthodox conversions – are at threat of losing their jobs. Attendants are instructed to call…
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Contentious hearing on mikve bill explodes

[United Torah Judaism MK Moshe] Gafni’s original bill stated that immersion in a public mikve could be conducted only in accordance with the instructions of the Chief Rabbinate and that preventing someone from doing so would not be a criminal act. […] During Monday’s hearing, Gafni said that the new version of his bill dealt…
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As ritual bath bill faces stormy waters, women debate Lysistrata-like boycott

Today, in light of the Israeli rabbinate’s increasingly stringent regulations on who can use the state ritual baths and for what purposes, some Israeli women are again pondering if it is time to revisit the plan of their older “sister” Lysistrata. The clock is ticking on a June 13 vote on contentious and arguably discriminatory…
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UTJ: Yisrael Beytenu obligated to support haredi bills circumventing court

United Torah Judaism MK Uri Maklev said on Wednesday that Yisrael Beytenu is obligated to support controversial legislation on mikva access, and independent, Orthodox conversion courts, two bills which are designed to circumvent recent rulings of the High Court of Justice. At the same time, Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer declined to say whether or…
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Haredi MK: PM must advance mikva bill despite A-G’s opposition

United Torah Judaism MK Menachem Eliezer Mozes said on Monday that the party is demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu advance a controversial law on mikva usage despite the strong opposition of the attorney general to the bill. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Mozes said that Netanyahu was obliged to do so because of commitments…
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Chief rabbis turn the heat up on differences over mikve usage

Tensions between Chief Rabbis Yitzhak Yosef and David Lau over several matters became even more heated on Sunday, as they issued seemingly contradictory position statements on the contentious issue of mikve usage. … In his statement on Sunday, Lau said the privacy of a woman seeking immersion should be respected, but said that Jewish law…
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A-G: Knesset bill restricting mikve use is unconstitutional

In his first major clash with haredi parties, Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit on Sunday declared the bill for restricting mikve use to those following haredi practice to be unconstitutional. In unusually harsh language, after several legal opinions on other controversial legislative initiatives where Mandelblit demanded modifications but allowed the measures to pass, he called the current…
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Bill Barring non-Orthodox From Ritual Baths Is Unconstitutional, Israel’s Attorney General Says

Attorney Yizhar Hess, executive director of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, welcomed Mendelblit’s decision. Not only is the bill unconstitutional, he said, “but it’s also an anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist bill. This is a bill that, if it were passed, would have put an end to the State of Israel’s being the national home of the Jewish…
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Opinion: Please MK Gafni: Don’t Shut Women Out of Their Sacred Space

Ever since I began researching women’s mikveh experiences, some twenty years ago, I have had a dream. A dream of an ideal mikveh. […] For the past six years I have actively been working with many wonderful people and organizations to bring my dream to reality. The Eden Center, which I founded in 2010, serves…
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Bill banning mikva use in non-Orthodox conversions passes first round of voting

A bill to bar the Reform and Conservative movements from using public mikvaot for conversion ceremonies was approved in its first reading in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday by a vote of 42-38. Following an argument within the coalition about the proposed law on Sunday, it was agreed that the bill would not be advanced…
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