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WAVE: Rabbinate


Four rabbis arrested for fraud in city chief rabbi applications

Four rabbis were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of fraud, breach of trust, falsifying documents, and impersonation, in connection to unlawful practices they allegedly employed in applying for municipal chief rabbi positions. The Jerusalem Post has learned that the rabbis ran or are running for the chief rabbi jobs in the cities of Nesher, Pardess Hanna, Lod…
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Four arrested for fraud in bids to become city rabbis

Four rabbis were arrested Wednesday on suspicion that they had fraudulently obtained certification qualifying them to become city rabbis, including having other people take examinations in their place, police said in a statement. All four of the suspects had applied to become city rabbis, submitting allegedly forged copies of the certificates they required to qualify…
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Bill Letting Religious Courts Arbitrate Civil Suits Passes Preliminary Knesset Reading

A bill enabling religious courts to serve as arbitrators in civil lawsuits passed its preliminary reading in the Knesset Wednesday. The cabinet decided to support the bill, sponsored by United Torah Judaism’s Moshe Gafni and Uri Maklev, despite the opposition’s objections. The opposition maintains that the proposed legislation would lead to discrimination against women. The…
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Editorial: Rabbis and reform

As the only Jewish state in the world, Israel has a vested interest in encouraging the flourishing of all forms of Jewish expression, whether Orthodox or non-Orthodox. And the best way to do that is to create an atmosphere of freedom of expression in which no single stream of Judaism can exploit the powers of…
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50 new state-paid local rabbi posts to be created by Religious Services Ministry

The Religious Services Ministry will create over the next two years 50 new state-paid local rabbi positions over the next two years, having secured agreement from the Treasury to fund them. Religious Services Minister David Azoulai of Shas and ministry director Oded Flus gave notice of the new positions at a hearing of the Knesset…
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Opinion: An insult to the Ethiopian Israeli community

There are ongoing issues surrounding the status of Ethiopian Israeli religious leaders, such as the question of affording the Kessim more recognition and government support. And why aren’t there more Ethiopian rabbis in the ministry? There are numerous problems regarding the rabbinate’s treatment of Ethiopian Jews and their traditional religious leaders and their positions –…
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Editorial: Living Judaism

The publicity that the Lookstein case has received should be leveraged to bring about a reform in the way state and religion are intertwined in Israel. The time has come for the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly over religious services to be dismantled. The source of the problem in the Lookstein case and numerous other “Who is…
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MK Yehuda Glick requests Ethiopian Rabbi Hadane serve till age 80

The Knesset’s Immigration and Absorption Committee will formally turn to the state Civil Service and request that it make an exception for Chief Rabbi of the Ethiopian Community in Israel Rabbi Yosef Hadane and allow him to serve until the age of 80, unlike most employees who serve till age 67. The initiative behind the…
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Opinion: ‘These evil people…’

I have been called many things in my long career as a rabbi and teacher, but never had anyone called me “evil.” Until recently, and by the chief rabbi of my home city of Jerusalem, no less, Rabbi Shlomo Amar. […] The silence has been deafening. I am still waiting for the rest of the…
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Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Protests Satirical TV Show’s ‘Bar Mitzvah’ Promo

The inclusion of footage of a synagogue in a promo for the 13th season of the satirical television program “Wonderful Country” (“Eretz Nehederet”) has infuriated both the Chief Rabbinate and the religious services minister, who say it demonstrates contempt for sacred objects. The footage showed people standing around an open Torah scroll, with an open…
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