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WAVE: Religion and Society


Opinion: Three Reasons Israelis Stopped Being Secular

It’s secular Israelis who have changed. What used to irritate, inflame and drive them to revolt two decades or even a decade ago, they now greet with a nonchalant shrug, forgivingly, all in the name of openness, tolerance and, of course, “Jewish identity.” […] Israeli secularism is committing suicide. This is not yet evident in…
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Jerusalem cafés to ‘open on Shabbat,’ but not for business

… Matan Hayat and a group of fellow, young secular Jerusalemites created “Open on Shabbat,” a program to open cafés on Saturdays as a place to meet and spend time together, but not for ordering food or doing anything that would violate the observance of the Sabbath, which starts at sundown Friday to Saturday night.…
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