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WAVE: Religion and State


Opinion: A Socioeconomic Problem, Not A Religious One

… The divide between people who enjoy their free time on weekends and those who feel imprisoned is not a matter of religion but a problem of socioeconomic injustice. What enables such religious coercion to persist and spread is the collusion between economic elites who neglect people who can’t buy their way out and the…
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Yair Lapid Promises to Recognize Reform and Conservative Judaism ‘My First Week in Government,’ if PM

Should he become the next prime minister, Yair Lapid promises he would grant full recognition to the Jewish Reform and Conservative movements “my first week in government.” “It is becoming that Israel is now the only country in the world in which there is no freedom of religion for Jews,” he said. Lapid noted that when…
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Opinion: Rabbis will continue to upset the public

… The one realm where an Orthodox rabbi’s opinions and rulings may endanger his public position is in the military rabbinate. The IDF chief rabbi is not only a position of practical importance to religious soldiers, but also one of symbolic importance to the entire army. Moreover, it is a religious institution within a secular…
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Opinion: Israeli Left Must Internalize That ultra-Orthodox Parties Are Not Partners

How is it that the left-wing and center opposition factions hardly deal with issues of state and religion? Is the opposition again deluding itself that the ultra-Orthodox parties will reward it by forming a government with it? […] The policy of disengagement from issues of state and religion, espoused by Labor, Meretz and Yesh Atid,…
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Religion and state in Israel: symbiosis or separation?

VIDEO: Infolive TV’s Patricio Abramzon speaks with Jerusalem residents, rabbis and intellectuals about the relationship between state and religion in Israel, in the first of a series of articles dealing with central issues in Israeli society.
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