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Shas under fire over bill to ban mixed-gender prayer services at Western Wall

Shas party lawmakers were criticized Monday after they introduced new legislation that would effectively ban non-Orthodox services at the Western Wall, Israel Hayom has learned. One of the MKs who sponsored the bill defended it Monday, telling Israel Hayom that it was simply designed to “prevent various organizations from trying to change the site’s halachic…
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50 new state-paid local rabbi posts to be created by Religious Services Ministry

The Religious Services Ministry will create over the next two years 50 new state-paid local rabbi positions over the next two years, having secured agreement from the Treasury to fund them. Religious Services Minister David Azoulai of Shas and ministry director Oded Flus gave notice of the new positions at a hearing of the Knesset…
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In One Israeli Family, Three Reform Rabbi ‘Apples’ Fall Under the Tree

Saying the apple doesn’t fall from the tree is an understatement when it comes to the Mazors. In their case, it fell smack under it. Last Friday, following in the footsteps of her father and older brother, Noa Mazor became the third member of her immediate family to become ordained as a Reform rabbi in…
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Woman to serve as rabbinical court administrator in Efrat

In the latest in a series of breakthroughs in the realm of religious leadership by Orthodox women, Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld, a communal religious leader in Efrat, has been appointed director of the rabbinical court for property claims in that municipal region. […] As court administrator, Rosenfeld’s responsibilities will include, among others: providing assistance and information…
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Ministers approve bill to limit muezzin noise

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a bill Sunday evening to ban mosque muezzins from announcing prayer times via loudspeakers in the streets. In his opening statements during Sunday’s ministerial meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also voiced his broad agreement with the complaints of the residents in which the calls to prayer are blasted. “The…
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Knesset synagogue reopens, with tiny women’s section

The Knesset on Monday unveiled its newly renovated synagogue, which included a women’s section some one-eighth the size of the men’s. Half an hour before sunset on Monday, there were half a dozen men in the prayer space, and no women. The men’s section has dozens of chairs. In the women’s section, partitioned off by…
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Opinion: ‘These evil people…’

I have been called many things in my long career as a rabbi and teacher, but never had anyone called me “evil.” Until recently, and by the chief rabbi of my home city of Jerusalem, no less, Rabbi Shlomo Amar. […] The silence has been deafening. I am still waiting for the rest of the…
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Shared entrance to Western Wall brings Haredi, progressive clash

For Women of the Wall and the progressive denominations, the common entrance for all visitors affords the pluralist prayer space equal standing and legitimacy to the Orthodox section and recognition of their movements as deserving of equal rights in the Jewish state. The haredi leadership meanwhile opposes a shared entrance to the Western Wall for…
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Opinion: If not now, when?

The prime minister reaffirmed his commitment to the third pluralistic section but has asked for more time. All the parties have agreed to his request. The sad thing is that these meetings were necessary. The sadder thing is that we allow 10 percent of the population to bully the rest of us. The haredim have…
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The Losing Battle Against Religious Extremism in Beit Shemesh

Forcing men and women to sit separately at a city-sponsored meeting for parents in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh might have sparked angry protests just a few years ago. But the ongoing protest by activists committed to religious pluralism against Beit Shemesh’s ultra-Orthodox mayor Moshe Abutbul increasingly appears to be a losing battle. The…
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