At a June 1 meeting, called in emergency but lasting less than an hour, the Reform and Conservative leaders left with only another promise. Netanyahu said that he is committed to the plan, and needs another 21 days for its implementation. That’s on top of the 60-day extension which expired the last week of May, according to those in the meeting, some of whom had traveled to Israel just to plead the case. […]

Over the 60-day period, Sharan held two meetings with the non-Orthodox Israeli stakeholders. According to Wernick, the American non-Orthodox counterparts were also in touch with the Netanyahu through his senior advisor Jonathan Schachter and through Natan Sharansky, the original architect of the plaza plan and the head of the Jewish Agency. […]

Participants in the June 1 meeting declined to comment on whether they would agree to changes to the shared entrance with the Orthodox and the inclusion of Reform and Conservative leaders on the plaza’s governing committee. The Women of the Wall, the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Federations of North America also attended the meeting.