Last week, Rosh Chodesh Iyyar came and went, the beginning of the new Jewish month. A year has now passed since Charlie Kalech and I were brutalized for helping to provide a Sefer Torah for women’s prayer at the Western Wall. It’s an anniversary I need to forget. It’s an act of service already forgotten by Women of the Wall. […]

WOW has lost its way. It traded the goal of women’s prayer at the Kotel for administrative control of egalitarian prayer at Robinson’s Arch. It’s traded its grassroots feminism to become a branch of the Reform and Conservative Movements. Its leadership has stopped listening to loyalists who question decisions. Its spokespersons approach real concerns as attacks. WOW has adopted a black and white attitude which brooks no challenge. Both Charlie and I have been publicly critical. No wonder WOW’s leadership skipped over the anniversary.